Too little time for hatred

This life, a very short one. How would you like to describe your life? How would you like it to be shared with your kids of the next generation?
To be the another superhero of all time? Who managed to solve every problem created by you yourself? Is it all about being the number one? All time favorite hero?
How perfect were you in your short life? Man was born to learn from every mistakes they have made, and why do you still talking about perfection and all the 'being number one’ stuff?
In your short life, you was struggling to survived. Your mouth was muted, your ear was deafen, your eyes were blinded. So why don’t you just tell them the truth? So that the kids will have something about the truth as a lesson to be learn. You don’t want to see the same type of robots being produced over and over again, right?
We were taught to obey the same routine of law from day one until our very last breath. We knew it, but we pretended seeing nothing. We were not blind, but we pretended as if nothing ever happened. We have a pair of ear and what did we do? We pretended again as if nothing ever been heard.
We were never a superhero at all. We are all the same. You and me, we state the obvious. We think about common sense. We live to love. We are never a superhero at all. We need each other, to reproduce, to keep the love going on and on and on and on, to live in solidarity. Why? Because we were not created to live for forever.
Too little time for hatred, very short life to live. Why waste your short life for hatred? Share your happiness with everyone, isn’t that so common sense?
You were thinking to live perfectly with all the luxurious things all around you, for who? You? Just you? Was it all about you? Really?
We are fooling each other, everytime! We kill each other, kill not killed, there is a repetition, continuosly killing each other! Why? For what? I told you, we were taught to obey the same routine, to be the number one, SATU in bahasa. As of that, we created too many ideologies to comfort us, do we need one? fake statistics for fake democracies, fight for nonsense so called human rights and.. bla bla bla, bla bla bla. Still, mankind are dying, starving, helpless, hopeless. And why? Why? Why?
I am talking to a dead man? Mr.grammar said so.
Too little time to live for hatred. Spread the love because its free. Common sense. Selamat! Sukses!

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