GIVE & TAKE : Review Malaysian Hardcore Punk Compilation 2012

Album Kompilasi ini telah diterbitkan pada Jun 2012  dan diberi nama GIVE & TAKE compilation. Diorganizes oleh Nervhous Records, Red Ink Intertainment dan Pissart Records .

Dimuatkan 22 tracks lagu-lagu yang antaranya seperti Toxitoys, Thy Regiment, Skunkfix, Dum Dum Tak, Carbon 4' teen, T.I.M, Brayok, Mikrobotmen, Always Last, Soul Savior, GGK dan Stick NO Bill. Totally kompulasi ini membawakan lagu irama metal hardcore Punk yang telah digubah menjadi cacamarba. Serasa aku ini adalah kompilasi hardcore band malaysia yang pertama setelah Time is monkey compilation dan Senandung Pawer Kord Kompilasi.



Toxictoy is a melodic Pop punk band taking cues from NUFAN ,NOFX and Hi-standard but often emphasizing a little more of their folk influence. They formed in 2003 and through their short history underwent several lineup changes, released a four-track EP called 'we can't believe we make this shit' . Then early last year some problems caused the lead guitarist, and bassist to quit and the band to fall apart. Despite this band leaving him, Ken ron (singer/guitarist) dug in to finish recording the songs they had written.and Ken was played Bassist and Lead Vocal.

Comeback from long vacation, 3 fucking Retarded dude from Padang Piol,Jerantut Pahang strongly RE-FORMED a brand new TOXICTOY live action full energetic blended with juicy melodies comes from the broken hearted that accussing chaos.ken Ron The sleeper, the "Berak Berdarah"drummer so called Nama and eman the bored(former dollythesheep guitarist) had rise again from the bottom of frustrated up to above fuzz and hilarious to perfom their music that so much influenced from NUFAN,Useless ID, Inspection 12,Hi-standard and much more..Toxictoy put some crunchy guitars and harmonic vocals and more melodic vocals similar to other Fat-style bands.The release of "Toxic Toy-"Amazingly Realistic PUKE"" EP is the latest effort from Toxictoy including seven-track.


Skunkfix berasal dari Selatan Kuala Lumpur dan telah menubuhkan Skunfix sejak Mei 2005. Muzik berirama Fast Progressive punk Indie dan dibawah label Nervhous Records.
Pernah mengadakan Split Ep bersama Dum Dum Tak tahun 2010 iaitu Hidup bekerjasama.
Members :
Bakunin - sing/guitar, Tofux - sing/bass, Mahagurudergrind drums, Freegan - guitar,
Former member: Usher - guitar, Doll - drums. Influences : Punk rock, freedom, vegetarianism, friendship, injustice, humanitarian, sarcasm


The band began in mid 2007 as a jamming band playing covers of Jellybelly, Stick No Bill and some other poppunk tunes. The line-up was Amert (Stick No Bill), Dave Danker (Skunkfix), A.B (Clumsy Ruby), and Posi-Punk (Inikah Hidup). One night, Ace (Civil Disorder) joined us jamming and on the last song, we switched positions and played Amert’s “original” song (that later became ‘Suara Kami’). We played it twice and the line-up felt so great that we decided to be a serious band just after that session.

We began playing our first unofficial gig (as opening band) for the gig that we organized ourselves to launch ‘Punkrock Paradox’ CD that our label, Nervhous Records put out on July 2007. After that gig, Amert kinda faded out from the band. We gigged all around Peninsular Malaysia from Penang to Johor Bahru, from small and sweaty practice room gigs to big-stage stadium “concert”. Some other unusual place we played at including at a lecture theatre at a college and also at a shopping complex.

We were lucky to have the chance to play with some touring bands like Straight Answer (from Indonesia) and 97 Shiki (from Chicago). We also had the chance to play in the same gig with some of the bands that we looked up upon for a long time including Carburetor Dung, FSF, Depress, and some new great bands like Lumbrah, Brayok, Always Last, etc.

We also recorded a track ‘Hentikan’ for a compilation under Knot Records called ‘Berikan Cinta Pada Sesama’ on Sept 2007. We’ve been playing the songs on this CD at gigs for more than a year now and glad that they’re finally recorded and released to the masses. We hope you will enjoy listening/reading to them like how we enjoyed writing, playing and recording them.


1. 2002  Demo #1ks : Pontian's Song, We're The Punk, Discord, Fuck Zionism and Bastard. Tracks : Tak Ingin Sendiri, Red Ink, Kabur, As I Expected, Life Sold, Throw me away, My College Bitches
2. 2003 Demo #2 - Tracks : The System, Drugs, Batu Api, Impian, War is Bitching
3. 2003 Bebas Compilation - Bands : Apaan (Indonesia Punk Rock), One Eighty (Singapore Punk Rock), Carbon 4 Teen (Malaysia Punk Rock), Bottlecapt, Dewata, Half Asleep, Skatanixs, Skunkfix & ETC.
4. 2006 - Youth Rebel Compilation 
5. 2007 - Demo #3 6. 2008 -Asian Rock Compilation7. 2008 - Demo #4 (Play it by ear & Suckturday) 
8. 2009 - Demo #5 (July 24th & It's not now) 9. 2009 – Senandung Pawer Kord Compilation 
10. 2010 - Carbon 4' Teen / Wrongang Split. I just Carbon' 4 teen one of the oldest band in the JB punk scene.


Mikrobotmen is a project that made up to make music in the likes of classic console and in case a gameboy using lsdj cartridge and some help from musiciam. Most of the songs are influence by happy tunes that are presented on the classic consoles. So lets have fun and be happy.
bit bit bit bit
ym : aimen_piss
email :


Genre : Punk / Reggae / Ska, Location : Sungai Petani, Jitra, Japan
Member Since: August 16, 2005
Amet - vox Jatt (Part-time) - vox, Janh - guitar, Munett - guitar, Ajai - bass, Napi - trombone, Opie - trumpet
Influences: Nofx, Rancid, Kemuri, Potshot, Mad Caddies Catch 22, Plague Of Happiness, Full Pledge Munkees Sounds : ska trashcore humour. Record Label : Nervhous Record & Skullitica clothing

Terima kasih kepada line-up band dalam kompilasi yang sempat di review. Hanya 6 bands saja berjaya dijejaki selainnya telah aku ketahui sebelum ini. Aku akan cuba mendapatkan interview dari kalian kerana review ini aku hanya download dari internet kerana tiada masa.
Tapi agak hampa kerana T.I.M tidak dapat dijejaki ... 

Terima kasih  .. wallahuallam