4. Need food to survive and Need life to live

Shutdown zine :
#0 - With an open mind + a book
#0.5 - Is it all about yourself , no it's about our life
#1.5 - by kind donation (1st of May 2012)
Editor name is Minkun from Sarawak scene

3.Most artist zine in Malaysia

3. MOSH zine : #10, #12, #13, #14

I hate this part of KL ; Editor name is Nizang from Kuala Terengganu and he now based in KL do recording deal with Nervhous Records. He still feder his MOSH zine for #16 and i heard that he will continued it up coming issue. I call him Grasshopper Man


MOSH #15 : by Nizang
Nine to Five NIGHTMARE 

There are a lot of zines and books that write about day job for example Moe Bowstern writes a zine about working in the commercial fishing industry. Dave Roche writes a zine about being a subtitute teacher and sarah Royal wrote a book about working at a book bindery. I've also being thinking to write about my day job in the zine before but I thought there's not many interesting stories to share. But this is a piece about my 9 - 5 life.

The first ever job I did was as a waiter at Yee Stall, a food stall near Batu Burok beach in Kuala Terengganu. The stall belongs to Ujay's grandparents. Ujay and I played in a pop punk band together at that time, Jellybelly. So, one semester break during my college days I decided to make some money and asked him whether there was a vacancy. Another band mate, Shah also joined working with me at the stall. We tooks order from the customer and Ujay's mother taught me how to do Teh Tarik. Before we work there we always ate there and I still go there if I'm back in Terengganu. My favorite dish from Yee's stall in Claypot Yee Mee. 

...... bla .. bla.... bla.......

"Talk more... we want to hear Mr. Nizam talk tu us more!! Your class is my second favourite!!"
2. This is born collector :
Small man zine #1 , Volume #3


Hey yeah! the new issue of Small man pages of truth, trouble and everyman blues whether battling the cops in Penang. Released of Small man from Paloh "Busted Rapture" for giving me (Azizi-editor) this name. He said "It's my new zine since my own Malay version Bebal zine. I decided to quit making Bebal zine. Don't ask me why because what u hold now is the answer!

2013 Zine Catalog (Lovegrass Publishing)

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Our published title :

1. 10 years of good luck
Aedes zine - No.1, No.3, No.6, No.7(finally)

 With pieces from virtually everyone we've published before and old work from center of Terengganu. Work from our authors/ editor Joe Kidd and out things of artists.  Joe saids : If you want to do it zine better you learned 1 zine only. If you have more stuff or whatever, nice you make not more than 7 issue. I think 4 issue is better of dead.