Interview : Joe by Sireh

I remember the first gig that I went to. It was 1994. Plaza Kotaraya. We arrived early and the bands were still doing their usual routine. Sound check. That day we saw Psycho Sonic, Future Primitive and then, there was Carburetor Dung.

I don’t know if I got the details right. I’m not sure if Carburetor actually performed that day. But one fact remains the same; back then, even today, by any punk-rock standard, up there, in the most popular sing-a-long songs of all time, Boo Hoo Clapping Song must be in the Top 2. The other song was Sua Sue Good Morning by The Pilgrims. It was one of those situation, people sings their heart out and everyone automatically have this urge to dance and punch the air. It was crazy.

Joe Kidd was one of the founding member of the band Carburetor Dung. He plays the guitar like nobody business. He is known as the godfather of Malaysia indie scene. Running his own label AGE and writing his own ‘zine, Aedes. His column, Blasting Concept in The Sun was a must read for all undergrounders back the in the 90’s.

Joe now runs the popular webzine Ricecooker, a must visit website if you want to know about Malaysia independent scene. Then, when all of us have abandon all hopes on the once lively Central Market, the Ricecooker shop came and save the day.
So, what next? What is Ricecooker, the shop, is all about? 

Special thanks to Joe Kidd for answering the questions.

How are you Joe. How’s life?

I’m fine, thank you. Life’s not that bad really, it would be ridiculous to complain, apart from the fact that you always find yourself with a million things to do all the time. People said being busy is good, but at this time I’d rather go out of the city and hitch-hike all over the country, well…