Jay Bentley

Jay Dee Bentley

 Jay Dee Bentley (born on June 6, 1964 in Wichita, Kansas) is the bassist and co-founding member of the punk rock group Bad Religion. He has played with the band through its whole existence with a small break between 1983 and 1985.

Bad Religion
Jay played in Bad Religion for three 1/2 years (between 1979 and 1983), and left while the band was in the midst of writing and recording their 2nd album, Into the Unknown. Jay was also a onetime member of such notable L.A. groups as Wasted Youth, T.S.O.L., The Circle Jerks and Cathedral Of Tears. He rejoined Bad Religion in late 1985 while the How Could Hell Be Any Worse? line-up – adding Circle Jerks' Greg Hetson as the band's second guitarist – was reuniting to record the first three reunion albums, Suffer, No Control and Against the Grain, which are often considered their best releases. Today, Bentley continues touring and recording with Bad Religion.

Jay Bentley grew up in Saugus, CA. and later moved to the San Fernando Valley suburb of Woodland Hills, CA. As with guitarist Brett Gurewitz and lead singer Greg Graffin, Jay was also a student of El Camino Real High School.
He has appeared on every Bad Religion release, with the exceptions of Into the Unknown (1983) and the Back to the Known (1985) EP. The band's most recent studio album, True North, was released on January 22, 2013. 

Personal life
He has two sons: Miles (born 1991), Hunter (born 1993). Today, Jay is a resident of Costa Mesa, California.