Putrid Pile Biography from Wisconsin USA

Biography Putrid Pile is an american brutal death metal band formed in Racine, Wisconsin U.S.A by Shaun LaCanne (previously of Num Skull). Influenced by acts like Cannibal Corpseand Dying Fetus he immediately set out to create some of the most intense, sickest, and guttural death metal around.

By the end of 2001 the band had enough material to record its first demo, entitled”Bleed For Me”; the demo was first released to the public at the Milwaukee Metalfest (2001)to which was received a great response.

The band began to focus on live shows afterward, handing out free copies of ”Bleed For Me” to anyone who would take one and continued to receive great responses from the underground metal community.

Putrid Pile soon caught ear of United Guttural Records and signed a one record deal. After the signing, Putrid Pile went into strict writing mode. Writing a total of seven additional songs, along with the five songs from the demo, to record the first full length”Collection Of Butchery” which was released in early 2003.

Putrid Pile recently played a show in Bangalore, India on January 16, 2011 at the “Undergrind Extreme Metal Fest”… This is the first time a Brutal Death Metal band has ever played a show in India.