Shock & Awe! Issue 03

Shock&Awe! Issue #03 goes bigger in size wise. Added columns! More reviews! Interview with homeboys Pusher and Singapore’s best: Pazahora! And another Blust from the Past!
Unbelievably Bad magazine is by far my favourite music mag for the following reasons; the awesome cover, the amazingly clean and professional layout, the interesting articles, left of centre interviews and of coarse the cd/zine reviews.

Shock and Awe is from Malaysia, and apart from not having zine reviews, it's the closest music publication to come close to how cool UB is. I REALLY enjoyed the diverse range of articles from a wide range of authors and perspectives within the punk/music/DIY scenes which filled most of the pages as well as two long local punk interviews. I couldn't be more impressed with the publication. It even has a photo pull out spread in the centrefold. 

I currently have no copies left in . You MUST buy this. Ci Chaan-Knotrecords